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Predicting internet search trends, our application offers a first step to market research

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Build reports with your keywords in seconds. Take notes about your findings. Revisit your research any time.


With a growing application marketplace, our platform offers you a multitude of public data interpreters.

Friendly Intergations

Build your own apps on top of our system. Your data sources can complement ours so that your results benefit from both.

Predicting search trends

Using a simplified Holt-Winters forecasting algorithm, we predict Google Search trends with elevated accuracy.

Sentiment analysis on the internet's most popular headlines

You choose the topics, we show you world press related headlines, annotated with our sentiment analysis so you easily understand the impact.

Cross regions comparisons

Compare people's interest in your chosen topics between countries and regions.

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With this new experimental tool we aim to summarize a large text into a small paragraph. The experiment succeeds if the summary ratio is less than 60%. If you are interested in our research, please visit our Patreon page.

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