Would you take style advice from AI?

In a forever changing world the boundaries between fashion and style are blurred. Sartorial menswear has almost become extinct if it weren't for few global events and initiatives that bring dappered men’s style back. Social media is playing an important role in globalizing this movement, but things are a bit different. We are deeply connected to our technology and we have a physical and digital presence.

Do you think artificial intelligence can give you reasonable advice on how to dress?

The right shoe for the right occasion

If you agree to participate in my experiment, I kindly ask you to take the role of a teacher, helping a young student understand the basic concept of wearing the right shoe for the right occasion.

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Fabrics ... the old and the new

The world of fabric is fascinating and extremely large. new technologies make it easier to combine fibers ain't no way that suits to modern men in there lifestyle. We will explore together associations between types of material and occasions specifically focusing on men's jackets. As in the challenge above I'm happy to give you the role of a teacher and thankful for supporting our very young AI student.

Challenge coming soon


Accessories can make or break an outfit. They are the necessary additions that can signal good taste, a balanced educated elegant personality, or an excessive wannabe with the ambition deceiving people into a perception off higher class - a form without a function. How would you judge and distinguish between modern elegance and trying too hard?

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Meet Oskar

Oskar is my latest AI experiment which I hope will recommend the proper attire for the proper occasion. It always starts with studying … in fact this is what will make Oskar the expert you and I can rely on. I aim to build a fun experience where users like you feel comfortable asking style advice from Oskar.

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