the story

Trendy Dots is a hobby project developing fun applications for data science, data visualization and user experience. I playfully apply UX and data science best practices to big data, aiming to produce high value tools.


my workflow

1. a big idea - early stage prototyping

I start brainstorming for ideas until the light bulb shines. then, using the design sprint method, I challenge myself with building a proof of concept & MVP

2. will it work online? - web development

A large part of my ambition is to create a toolset the functions 100% online, without the need for complicated installations, or configurations. Depending on your donations, the toolset will be freely available, ad free, accessible to as many users as possible.

3. can I do better? - analytics and feedback based improvements

Here is where your opinions and contributions are put to good use. I encourage you to become an active patron Please write your feedback and improvement suggestions. I will consider your desired changes.

Cool people support the project 😎

the td. toolset

td. web-stitches

A web application that helps you rapidly design a landing page or an editorial website. Using Google Charts, the data visualization components make it easy to express knowledge in beautiful web pages. It takes seconds to experiment with different layouts.

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td. nlp research

A series of experiments around AI text processing. Summarizing language independent texts, extracting tokens, hashtag autosuggest and so much more.

The first experiment automatically summarizes text..

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td. trends research

The td. trends research platform platform that aims to offer an intuitive, easy to use way for getting informed about the things that matter. When you are interested in human/consumer behaviour towards companies, products, world events, or innovative concepts, my td. trends research platform can help you with quick and easy insights.

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natural language processing

Helping teams of data scientists, developers and designers working with NGOs and social enterprises to solve complex challenges and identify new social impact opportunities.