trendy dots

our story

Trendy Dots is a hobby project making trend and exploratory data analysis on the new and old markets. We aim to model the internet behaviour and forecast the evolution of markets, products, companies, etc. using innovative AI algorithms.


Web experiments

Bridging the gap between big ideas, open data and good UX

Exploratory Data Analysis

Looking at how data evolves over time. Infering meaningful association of data trends

what we do

We playfully apply UX and data science best practices to big data, aimig to produce highly valuable knowledge. We produce user interfaces that tell stories with data. We have lots of fun doing this.

A big idea - Early Stage Prototyping

We brainstorm for ideas, challenge ourselves with building proofs of concept and MVPs

Will it work online? - Web Development

Turning MVPs into products that scale.

What can be improved? - Data Visualisation & Analysis

Part of our exploratory data analysis practice. Analise collective interest through innovative techniques.

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Projects we're proud of

natural language processing


A series of experiments around AI text processing. Summarizing language independent texts, extracting tokens, hashtag autosuggest and so much more.

Sunset in the mountains

"it links the links"

Our market research platform offers standard reporting containing insights into company shares, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and world events.

Sunset in the mountains


Teams of data scientists, developers and designers working with NGOs and social enterprises to solve complex challenges and identify new social impact opportunities.