With this new experimental tool I aim to summarize a large text into a small paragraph. The experiment succeeds if the summary ratio is less than 60%. If you are interested in our research, please visit our Patreon page.

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How it's made

The simple answer is: with passion and cofee ;) It's often that I try doing pieces of software in the process of learning new things. NLP is a newly found interest and since I like to build web applications, I thought this is a good way to share some of my experiments with you. The summarizer has a statistical machine at its core. It weighs the sentences throughout the text and selects the 'heaviest' ones. Once these are marked, a summary text is stitched together and out comes the final result.

If successful, this function will be added to the trendy dots research platform. Check it out:

This experiment is a 'donation enabled freemium'. I hope you don't mid me giving you the opportunity to donate. It will help me improve the software quality while keeping it free for as many users possible. Great many thanks if you decide to become a patron.